Over the past 100 years or so, an intriguing, yet powerful phenomenon has been witnessed by mankind, regardless of culture, history, or circumstances. When citizens of any nation have seen their country overrun by foreign invaders or become governed by an oppressive and autocratic state, individuals would often form a “resistance” organized to stand up to the occupiers or oppressors and to fight for freedom from within. In fact, this very nation owes its lifeblood to a resistance movement born of like minded individuals who believed so firmly in the principles of freedom and the individual rights of man, that they were willing to forfeit life and limb and security to band together to fight to protect those freedoms. It is this courageous spirit, intrinsic to countless brave men and women across the world, that I now invoke.

As Americans, we possess a proud tradition of taking personal responsibility to ensure that our rights and freedoms are protected. It is clear today that our freedoms as a society are being threatened by the creeping socialism that our leaders espouse. Whether it is the government run health care system that they are desperate to force on us, or the weak apologetic foreign policy that rewards our enemies and punishes our friends, or the massive tax increases to cover their incredible debt and spending, they foretell a future where we all have less freedom to live our lives as we want them. They will tell us when we are allowed to get medical care and from whom; what we can earn and how little of it we can keep; where and when we can pray or espouse our religion; what we are allowed to drive and when we can drive it; whether we get water or electricity or not; and the list goes on and on.

We must resist this. I have heard from many of you who maybe have not been that active politically in the past, that you realize it is time to stand up and fight. You are scared about the future of our country, and rightly so.

It is time to join the resistance.

So, what will the resistance fighters do? Lots of things. You can register or re-register friends, neighbors and colleagues to vote Republican. You can forward this email to people you know at work, or at a club you belong to or at church or synagogue. You can post online comments on blogs, newspapers, Facebook and Twitter. You can use this website’s Call to Action to send letters and emails to leadership in Washington. And of course, you can make a financial contribution to further my efforts and the efforts of others around the country to defeat the forces of socialism here and weakness abroad.

And today we introduce our new campaign website at www.campbellforcongress.com. This site will be updated at least daily with new information, facts, news, Teddy_Rooseveltand opportunities for resistance fighters. So, please check it often.